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About Us

About Us

The BEST access to your mailbox from any locking mailbox system – no other product on the market allows mail carriers to have total access to your mailbox during delivery.

Gray DoorTM locks automatically after mail carrier has delivered your mail; your mail carrier simply needs to shut and push the Gray DoorTM closed. Gray DoorTM protects your mail until you unlock your Gray DoorTM.

Mail Carriers never need a key and they still have full access to deliver your mail.

Gray DoorTM is constructed of a rugged, high-impact, composite plastic so it will not rust and it is maintenance-free, heavy-duty, weather-sealed while also having an elegant design.

Gray DoorTM has been independently tested for function and durability.

Gray DoorTM allows for easy delivery of magazines, video cassettes and DVDs, and medication while also preventing hand entry when in a locked  position

Each of our standard-size inserts  comes with 2 keys.

U.S. Patent 7,931,189

Veteran Owned

**PLEASE NOTE: Standard T1 size mailbox is   6.25''W X 7.5''H***

Installation is available at an additional charge of $35.00 for those living in Collin County -- Texas. Please contact us via email or phone to setup your installation time.


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Important Information

GrayDoor™ is currently only available for standard size T1 mailboxes. Please contact us to be added to our list for other sizes of mailboxes. Be sure to let us know what size your mailbox is.

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